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We are always on the lookout for companies who want to join us in transforming the home services industry by infusing technology and humanity at every touchpoint.

Timeline of Acquisitions

  1. 2018

    Daniel Gluck develops a plan to disrupt the home improvement industry and create a best-in-class, national platform.

  2. Jan 2019

    Renuity was founded and consummated its initial acquisition of FHIA Remodeling, which operates across the state of Florida.

  3. Jul 2019

    Statewide Remodeling was acquired, expanding Renuity’s presence to Texas and Oklahoma.

  4. Feb 2020

    Mad City Windows & Bath was acquired, increasing Renuity’s presence throughout the MidWest into Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota.

  5. Sep 2020

    Paradise Home Pro acquired, expanding Renuity’s footprint into North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

  6. Jan 2021

    Daniel Gluck formally assumed the role as CEO of Renuity and began to build out the industry’s leading management team.

  7. Mar 2021

    Mad City acquired New Windows for America and added Minneapolis to its list of existing markets.

  8. logo

    Jun 2021

    Renuity acquires HomeSmart Industries, expanding its footprint to the Atlantic and Northeast regions including Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey.

  9. Dec 2021

    MaxHome joins the Renuity portfolio, expanding its footprint into Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

  10. Dec 2021

    Pacific Bath was acquired, growing the Renuity portfolio and its presence into Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

  11. Apr 2022

    Rite Window joins Renuity, expanding its footprint to cover the Massachusetts and New Hampshire areas.

  12. Aug 2022

    Continued expansion of Pacific Bath into the Chicago market via the acquisition of Home Forever Bath, giving us the distinction of Kohler’s largest bathroom home services dealer.

  13. Oct 2022

    Renuity launches Advanced Floor Coatings and Garage Organization solutions to help homeowners access durable, functional surfaces and shelving systems

  14. Dec 2022

    Closet America joins Renuity, offering customized cabinetry and organizational solutions to homeowners in DC, Maryland and Virginia

  15. Today

    The Renuity platform operates across 25 states and counting, with multiple new greenfield locations and acquisitions on the horizon.

The Renuity Way:

Led by data and human insight.

We aren’t your typical home improvement company. We are constantly looking to acquire the best partners so that we can continue learning from the best and driving value from our customers.

Idea driven. Tech focused. Growth oriented.

Our team relies on ideas and creativity – with technology as our growth engine. Our proprietary software allows us to drive leads for our local providers and streamline communication with homeowners. Our goal: to ensure confidence at every stage of a project by combining best-in-class talent and the power of technology.

Improving all things home improvement.

We see the power of an integrated future, where technology, marketing and data work together to support and improve the work of local installers. Through acquisition and shared resources, we can create an umbrella network of home remodelers that share in our goals to revolutionize an industry … and make home improvement a more joyful, less stressful experience for homeowners everywhere.

Improving the Way We Do Business

We focus on and handle the following areas of business so that we can have the efficiencies needed to drive business growth.

  • Technology

    We will be there to automate business, create efficiencies, streamline growth, and enhance margins every step of the way.

  • Marketing Prowess

    Our proven and ever-optimizing marketing capabilities consistently drive leads and enable us to efficiently target the right customers, all while keeping costs down and growing all of our local and national brands.

  • Data & Analytics

    Data & analytics are at our core – and we constantly measure performance and use insights to enhance all of our decision making and drive best practices.

  • Unparalleled Scale

    In an industry where scale wins, we are able to provide all the financial and service-related benefits of scale with outside vendors while also remaining great partners to them.

  • Centralized Capabilities

    Keep your management team in place while benefiting from our back-office capabilities that enable our providers to focus on selling and installing best-in-class products.

  • Successful M&A Platform

    With over ten acquisitions since 2019 – and more on the way – we are the industry’s “consolidator of choice,” allowing acquired companies to benefit from being part of a best-in-class, national organization while also maintaining their local roots, culture and team. Renuity also allows founder owners to reinvest part of their proceeds from a sale in equity at Renuity, further aligning interest and giving owners the opportunity to benefit from Renuity’s financial success.

Renuity is different—in all the good ways.

A Highly Scalable Business Model With Demonstrated Value-Added Capabilities

A Deep, Experienced Management & Operational Team Across Renuity & Our Local Market Brands

Diversity Across Products, Geographies, Marketing Channels & Vendors, Enhance Resilience & Growth

A Well-Invested Technology Platform With A Proprietary, Industry-Leading CRM

Top-Notch Local Market Leaders With Demonstrated​ Above-Market Growth In Home Services


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Renuity?

Renuity is a leading national home improvement provider with deep experience and trust in the markets that we operate in. Our customers benefit from the technology, customer support, and strong supplier relationships that come from being a national brand, along with the market knowledge, expertise, and training of our local installers to get the job done right.

How long has Renuity been around?

Renuity was founded in January of 2019 and subsequently has completed more than ten acquisitions of both best-in-class local home improvement operators and home services technology companies. Many of the providers that comprise Renuity’s home improvement network have been in the home services industry for decades and have long-standing expertise in their markets. If you are interested in reading more about our history, visit our About Page to learn more.

What are the benefits of joining the team at Renuity?

At Renuity we are always on the lookout for companies who want to join us in transforming the home services industry by infusing technology and humanity at every touchpoint. We provide innovative technology support, marketing prowess, national scale, value-enhancing data and analytics capabilities, and a hugely successful mergers and acquisitions process. When you join our team, you can be confident that we will not take over but rather work with you in partnership to drive business growth. As we like to say, we don’t run the home improvement companies we own… we help them to run better.

How long does the acquisition process take?

Each company is different and because of that, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to acquisition. Interested in learning more about partnerships, investments or acquisition opportunities with Renuity? Contact us to talk about how your company can join in the movement to transform the home services industry.

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