Warranties That Instill Confidence

A home improvement project can be a significant commitment.

At Renuity, our local providers offer high-quality products with high-quality warranties. Unlike many other home improvement brands, we will process any warranty claim for you so that you don’t have to spend your time dealing with vendors directly. We guarantee our products and services so that you can feel confident in your home improvement decisions for years to come.


Many offer lifetime warranties

Submit your claims directly to your local Renuity provider

Partner with top brands

Highest level manufacturer warranties

Leading Warranties From Our Trusted Partners:


Home improvement doesn’t need to be a financial burden. With our financing partners, you can get your dream home now with payment options like O% financing, low monthly payments, and more.

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How it Works

Contact us for a free quote

We’ll reach out for more information

We’ll remind you of your in-house design consultation

Finalize your design and receive your personalized quote

Set your installation dates

Warranty and post-installation care

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At Renuity, it's about more than home improvement.

Renuity is dedicated to the highest quality care for our customers, whether it's providing trustworthy local home improvement expertise, affordable financing options, or even convenient warranty claim processing. Learn more about the ways we strive to take care of all our customers and contact a representative today.

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Title Frequently Asked Questions

What is Renuity?

Renuity is a leading national home improvement provider with deep experience and trust in the markets that we operate in. Our customers benefit from the technology, customer support, and strong supplier relationships that come from being a national brand, along with the market knowledge, expertise, and training of our local installers to get the job done right.

How can I finance a bathroom renovation?

Here at Renuity, we offer a variety of finance options. Your local Renuity provider can cover all the options for your specific project during an appointment. For more information on our financing partners, visit our Financing page.

How are antimicrobial walls different than other walls?

Mold and mildew grows on damp, porous surfaces and traditional bathroom stone and tile walls are the perfect breeding ground. A solid, state-of-the-art and resilient surfaces infused with antimicrobial properties eliminate reproductive spurs and leave a healthy and clean space.

How can I tell if my gutters are draining properly?

The best time to check if your gutters are draining properly is during periods of rainfall. If there is water pouring over the sides of the gutter, then there may be a blockage or the gutter itself may not be properly aligned. If you are unable to check when there is actual rainfall, you can look around the gutter for any signs of water buildup or damage to the home. Two obvious signs of drainage problems to be mindful of are standing water and mold. If you notice either of these issues, reach out to your local Renuity provider for a free quote!